Essential Things to Look for in a Business Unified Communication Provider

00000.PNGIrrespective of the type and size of business you are running, Unified Communication (UC) will assist you to enhance your collaboration and efficiency while still eliminating the hassles and costs you incur when managing voice and data communications. The most successful applications of UC are cloud-based phone system, hosted unified communication and mobile and voice communication tools. This is because they are scalable and can be integrated with other communication technologies. Read more on hosted unified communications here.

So, if you are considering of unifying your business, you need the best business phone system. For you to achieve this, you should engage the services of a hosted UC provider. However, with the many internet service providers available out there and choosing a reliable one can be a hectic process. In this regard, this article will highlight some of the essential tips you need to consider when selecting a business unified communication provider.

First, ask yourself whether your provider offers UC as a service. Unified communications function properly when offered as a service and not as a premise-based solution in most organizations. Cloud-based phone systems are easy to maintain, cheap, fast and their updates occur automatically. For this reason, you do not have to hire costly IT engineers since maintenances, adds, updates and adjustments are handled in the cloud by your service provider.

Secondly, check if the provider supports remote locations. Simply put, unified communications cannot be truly unified unless it supports all your physical business locations and remote employees. Several areas will require different UC solutions since services will be rolled out on an area-to-area basis. The integration of mobile accessibility, privacy, security and national network infrastructure are key considerations. Therefore, ensure that the provider of your choice can offer a single point of contact for all areas to enable troubleshooting. See more on Veracity Networks MPLS here.

Most importantly, look for a UC service provider who can provide a user interface for data and voice regardless of the mobile or desktop you are using. The interface should be user-friendly and offers one-click integration with other applications. To understand the UC application better, you can consider a service provider who can provide both user and admin training.

Moreover, put the quality of service into consideration when selecting a service provider. Your preferred provider should provide you with the redundant network architecture that keeps communication running in case of an emergency. Apart from that, they should be able to offer 24/7 network and customer monitoring. Read more at